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A weekly talk show for intelligent leaders and leadership coaches ready to advance to the next level. It covers leadership development as well as marketing and business strategy and news.
It’s hosted by
Executive Coach, Dr. Scott Francis
Marketing Leader, Tony Creech

Tony Creech

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Anthony Thomas Creech, MFA, is founder of The Creech League Marketing Arts. He’s a marketing executive, filmmaker, podcaster, and lecturer on media, faith and filmmaking with over 12 years of experience. His expertise is in film and media production, strategy, and digital marketing. You can find him at tonycreech.net


Dr. Scott Francis

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Dr. Scott Francis is a professional leadership and organizational development coach with over 17 years of training experience. His specialties include executive coaching, leadership/personality assessments, empowering management systems, the application of leadership theory, and board governance.

  • Marketing Leader
  • Podcaster
  • Visioner + Strategist
  • Filmmaker
  • Storyteller + Creative
  • Consultant
  • Lecturer + Speaker

  • Executive Coach
  • Podcaster
  • Leadership Expert
  • Theorist
  • Board Governance Consultant
  • Firefighter
  • Lecturer + Speaker

Philosophy Of Our Show

The foundational philosophy to the show can be encapsulated by the phrase “live-serve-grow”.  This arises primarily from the last 6 years of Scott’s doctoral journey. He rubbed shoulders with the faculty of a Jesuit University, and encountered the positive effect that their way of being had in the leadership context. To live means to consider all elements of the person and to keep the human experience as the central point of focus. To serve is to transcend the narcissistic self by having compassion for the other. To grow is to continually seek more; to be wiser, stronger, more effective, more authentic.