Everyone is Responsible to Lead – LFM S2E6

What if… everyone was a leader? What if leadership could help all of us become better parents, friends, and family members?Scott & Tony talk Live, about how EVERYONE IS A LEADER, and how that critical it is that we all accept responsibility to grow in leadership skills and help ourselves, our loved ones, and all…

Objectivity when Triggered – S2E5

Can we maintain our objectivity when we get triggered? Scott & Tony talk Live, about the power of emotions like anger to make us stupid, and how to regain objectivity when the inevitable overwhelm occurs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVOEzIV3CcA https://soundcloud.com/leader-fm-podcast/leaderfm-s2e5-objectivity-when-triggered

Leadership Archetypes – S1E3

S1E3 “Leadership Archetypes” on YouTube (Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFnG2gxV19k&t=2s S1E3 “Leadership Archetypes” on Soundcloud (Audio Podcast) https://soundcloud.com/leader-fm-podcast/leaderfm-s2e3-leadership-archetypes/s-whegk

Good & Bad Leadership S2E3

S2E2 “Good & Bad Leadership” on Youtube (Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMqdls0l9_I S2E2 “Good & Bad Leadership” on Soundcloud (Audio Podcast) https://soundcloud.com/leader-fm-podcast/leaderfm-s2e2-good-and-bad-leadership/s-3FhFB https://www.facebook.com/457047927802262/posts/1077217302451985/

LFM Episode 011: Why Leaders Need To Grasp Meme Theory

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Advance Leadership Coaching & The Creech League: Marketing Arts
In this episode Dr. Scott & Tony talk about leading with a grasp on meme theory. They discuss how ideas are like genes that get passed like a virus, and how those deep idea-memes relate to the social…

LFM Episode 010: Better Board Governance – With SPECIAL GUEST Dr. Paul Magnus

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Advance Leadership Coaching & The Creech League: Marketing Arts
In this episode Dr. Scott and Tony continue in Part 2 of their time with special guest -long time leader and 30 year graduate lecturer on leadership- Dr. Paul Magnus about leadership and board governance (focused on not-for-profit boards). They…