Sponsor Episodes of LEADER.FM

We reach an incredible audience of highly engaged and influential business owners, CEOs, executives, managers, and executive coaches. They listen to every episode of the show, and are always looking for great services and products to save them time and enhance their lives and organizations.

Ask About Sponsorship

The Benefits

We offer up to three midroll placements per episode, with a second ‘thank-you’ mention at sign-off.

Each spot is approximately 1–2 minutes in length.

The advertisements are delivered from either a script you prepare, or a freeform ad-lib guided by your bullet points. All are integrated into the flow of the show, creating an endorsement feeling rather than a mass-media radio ad they can’t trust.

As with some of our own favorite podcasts, it goes without saying that our audience won’t be fooled into buying bad products, but they reward the good ones by spreading the word. We attract and sell to sponsors that we believe have worthwhile products, and protect our audience from scams.