Self-Awareness is the Foundation – LeaderFM S2E7

What is the ‘grown-up’ way to look at yourself and your situation? If we want to grow, and learn to take on more leadership and more responsibility in life, what is the single first step or practice that changes everything?Scott & Tony talk Live, about how self-awareness is the foundation -the first key – for…

Everyone is Responsible to Lead – LFM S2E6

What if… everyone was a leader? What if leadership could help all of us become better parents, friends, and family members?Scott & Tony talk Live, about how EVERYONE IS A LEADER, and how that critical it is that we all accept responsibility to grow in leadership skills and help ourselves, our loved ones, and all…

Objectivity when Triggered – S2E5

Can we maintain our objectivity when we get triggered? Scott & Tony talk Live, about the power of emotions like anger to make us stupid, and how to regain objectivity when the inevitable overwhelm occurs.

Leadership Archetypes – S1E3

S1E3 “Leadership Archetypes” on YouTube (Video) S1E3 “Leadership Archetypes” on Soundcloud (Audio Podcast)

Good & Bad Leadership S2E3

S2E2 “Good & Bad Leadership” on Youtube (Video) S2E2 “Good & Bad Leadership” on Soundcloud (Audio Podcast)

LFM Episode 011: Why Leaders Need To Grasp Meme Theory

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Advance Leadership Coaching & The Creech League: Marketing Arts
In this episode Dr. Scott & Tony talk about leading with a grasp on meme theory. They discuss how ideas are like genes that get passed like a virus, and how those deep idea-memes relate to the social…

LFM Episode 010: Better Board Governance – With SPECIAL GUEST Dr. Paul Magnus

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Advance Leadership Coaching & The Creech League: Marketing Arts
In this episode Dr. Scott and Tony continue in Part 2 of their time with special guest -long time leader and 30 year graduate lecturer on leadership- Dr. Paul Magnus about leadership and board governance (focused on not-for-profit boards). They…